Utilize comments section of each task as an automated update to customer for tracking orders




I am a business partner at my company. I want to know if Asana can do the following. We post our orders on Asana and on a daily basis I update my customers on the status of their orders. I want to know if I can integrate my customer’s email to their specific order(task) and then whenever I have an update I just add it into Asana and then Asana does an automated email to my customer so that I don’t have to do it.

Can this be integrated? I already receive updates via email from any update in Asana. If possible can we assign more than one email so that our email workflow is less.

Look forward to your ideas on this topic.


@Fahad_Shariff unfortunately Asana does not have the ability to automate the send of an email unless the person is an Asana user.
You maybe able to achieve this using intentions to other apps or API directly.
If you have your customers as users or are thinking about that let me know and there might be a solution that you can use.