Using timelines incorporating sections and tasks

Hi, two questions:

  1. can I create a customised timeline where i can move/drag & drop Projects (including tasks and sections within the project) in and out of the timeline by dragging them across from my projects list?

  2. Can a rule be created for copying ‘Sections’ and ‘tasks’ from one project into another to enable my manager to have visibility over all of it? I’m not talking about a template, I’m talking about project tasks that have already been created but they (lets say 20 tasks) need to be copied across into other projects. Can this be done?


  1. No, I’m afraid Asana doesn’t provide that. But since a timeline is a view of a project, if you “multi-home tasks” (that is, add tasks to an additional project, and make that project show Timeline as its default view, that might get at what you want.

  2. You can create a rule action to do the above and what you seem to ask for here in (2); multi-homing tasks to another project. You just need to decide what the trigger for the rule should be–what will make the rule fire. It could be setting a single-select custom field to a particular value, like Make visible for manager. If you don’t need to automate it, you can manually multi-select tasks on demand and use the footer multiple-selection toolbar to add the selected tasks (up to 50 at once) to one or more other projects.

Hope that helps,


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