Using Timeline to track staff schedules

Hi there! My organization holds an annual conference each year where it’s all hands-on deck. My colleague asked if there was a better way to track it on Asana instead of on an Excel.

I’ve been playing in my sandbox and so far I’ve come up with using Timeline where
*each staff member has their own section (in my case, we are about 20 people)
*each row under their section shows them where they are (meeting, exhibition floor, registration, lunch, etc.)

Has someone else attempted this and could offer advice?

In addition, when I change the Timeline Zoom :mag: from weekly to hourly, Asana sets the view to the current month, and it looks like I have to manually scroll to the month I’m planning for (in this case October :dizzy_face: ). Is there a better way to navigate to the week/hour I’m planning for?

Thanks in advance for the read!

Hi @Christine_Trillana apologies for the late response on this. You certainly could do it with people as sections and the tasks where they are at each time. You then could use the assignee and the people can sync their my tasks to their outlook/gmail calendar too.

It is true you have to scroll to the future month.

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