Using tags on editorial content that is TBC due to COVID-19

Hi, I wanted some input on whether this was a good solution for the problem we’re facing.

We have a lot of editorial content lined up for our site, but much of it is delayed indefinitely until our country lifts it’s restrictions due to COVID-19. I’m thinking I will create a tag called ‘Delayed’ to tag all the content that needs to be moved to a future TBC date, and then delete the due date. So it will be floating untethered to our content calendar, but searchable by the tag. Will that work? Any better solutions? Thanks!


I think that’s a good approach. Perhaps consider this modification: Continue using the tag, but instead of clearing the due dates, change each one to the same day and month but twenty years out. So 5/1/20 would become 5/1/40. You could still see them all this way in the calendar or timeline (in 2040) and can maintain the relative dates if that info is helpful to have once you lift the hold.

Hope that helps,


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Thank you Larry! Helpful modification, and I’m glad for the reassurance that I’m not going down the wrong path here. :slight_smile:

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