Using Google Sheets to Track Tasks and Projects



Is there a way to view task-level data via the Google sheet integration? Or to customize the report so that task-level data can be included. In an ideal world, you’d be able to see, for example, the number of projects overdue via the automated Google sheet update, and then you could click into that overdue section to see exactly WHAT is overdue. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Or can you purchase customized reports via Asana or other developers to meet this need?


If you have a PC would this help at all. CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community


Hi Kendall,

Just wondering if you have found a good solution? I am interested to know how it works.



This would be a really helpful feature. I like being able to export my project, an editorial calendar, into Excel, but the due dates and custom fields (“status,” “content type,” etc.) for tasks within the project are constantly changing. It’s impossible to keep this spreadsheet up to date – doing so would mean generating a new export every single day, if not more often.

I’ve tried using Zapier to sync Asana and Google Sheets, but it lacks the ability to update rows in Sheets when I modify the custom fields of the corresponding tasks in Asana.


I’m having difficulty getting a similar system in place. I’d like to track recurring daily tasks (among other things) using Asana. I want to load a daily template that I check off from my phone throughout the day. As I’m checking off these task I want a google sheet to track which tasks I completed and which ones I didn’t so I can go over them in a weekly review.

As I import my daily template I want the SAME google sheet to be updated, just a new row.

Any ideas? Maybe there is a better approach. I’d love to hear some feed back.



Hey I’ve been looking for the same type of thing.

[](This thing on seems to add a new row once you change something on a project). There are also other tools on the site of you want to other things, like alter rows, update when a task is completed, etc. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet so not sure how they actually work.



I found as well. I believe that it is possible to do something along the lines of what I have described however it is probably not worth my time figuring it out just yet.

I’m going to try and improve the efficiency and workflow in the other areas of my system and maybe revisit this in a month or two.

Let me know if you come up with a work around.




We use Automate and it works (to some extend). There are limitation because of the API. Comparing Automate to Zapier and Integromat (we use all services) it seems like Automate has a few advantages, for example you don’t have to specify a specific task to ‘listen to’ when there is a new story on Asana. I would recommend them to a certain extend.
My problem with them is that my Asana connection is timing out (the service stops receiving information from Asana and my actions are not triggered). I contacted the support team but they still have not sent me any info on the issue.
I was hoping to get more information from the Asana support team. Is there a timeout feature which disconnects the API from Automate (on Asana’s side)? I need to figure out the problem as we are losing data by this not working reliably.