Using forms with Sales Pipeline, can't use 'Connect To Field'

Hi Folks,

Trying to use the forms function on Sales Pipeline.

My intention is that when i create a Sales Pipeline Task. It generates a form which it automatically emails to an onsite engineer with the list of subtasks for example. So they know what they are doing and can fill it in/feedback.

However on the initial data entry box “A Submitter Name” i want to link it to the assignee for example. But all of my fields say not compatible? Any ideas?

Hi @Max_Middleton the assignee isn’t a field you can connect. What you can do is use other fields to trigger rules in the project - have a drop down for submitter name (if there is a limited number) then use that to trigger assign to. (Drop down = Fred, assign to Fred)

or use the form settings so that it is for internal only and the submitters email (if you turn it on in form settings) can mean they are added as collaborators not assignees.