Using forms to collect information from a speaker for an event

Hi, new to Asana. We are building a template for conferences, so time bound event. We have to collect information from speakers (name, credentials, title, introduction, contact information, headshot etc.) Would it make sense to create a form that we then emailed to each speaker? If the form was attached to a section in the project, would the info then just “be available” via that form each time we use the template? Multiple teams need that info for different reasons (ie website, or creating a PDF flyer etc) so we would need the form to be attached to a task that is multi-homed. Is this possible? Thanks so much.

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Hey @Deborah_Greenwood,

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Yes correct you can use forms to collect all the information required :slight_smile:
You can create one form per project at the moment however if you need more there are some workarounds.

You can designate a default assignee for each Form submission

Toggle on and off the option to copy all answers to the task description

You can also set up custom field mapping: Forms • Asana

In terms of multihoming tasks sure that is possible

And you can also set up rules to automate things further.

Hope that helps :smiley:


Wonderful, thank you!!

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