Using email to create a task without including all the content in the description



I recall that there was once a way to create a task from email without including the signatures & disclaimers etc. from the end of the email.

You could type something like a couple of slashes & bit of text (if memory serves) to excluding everything from that point on.

Does that still exist?



Great memory, @Jason7 :smile: You should be able to use “/end” at the end of your emails to exclude signatures and other text from tasks created from emails. Please note, this will not exclude images. Hope this helps!


Katie, is there a list of other codes/markup that we can use besides the /end? Just wondering what else can be done.



Don’t mean to be over-promoting our Outlook Add-in for Asana Sendana, but our latest release solved this issue with my expert developer @EricLegault. As you can see by the attached you can pick and choose your attachments which can eliminate image files. In addition you have tremendous flexibility what goes in the description box. Out tasks are created through the API. I tried the /end early on and it just did not get rid of the most irritating attachments and it was cumbersome. I wish I could have continued writing for all email platforms but now am focused on just Outlook although I use Gmail synced to Outlook.


Marvellous. Thanks @Kaitie