Using custom fields to track values over time


Hello, I have been asked to create a status update report for my team which would help us to see certain issues and track information over time. Here is my question:

I created custom fields with “number” values for the following:

  1. Current Sales
  2. New Customers
  3. New Distributors
  4. Last Month’s Sales

Each of these tasks is recurring each month so that a new value can be entered.

I would like to be able to track these numbers month over month. Is this possible to do with Asana? What is the best way to set this up?

Thanks in advance!



@Peter_Anderson I think the best way within Asana to do this is have a task for each month that is your reporting task and populate with your custom fields. It can be a repeating task so theoretically you would retain the trailing 12 months of detail. Alternatively the old spreadsheet attachment is always available :slight_smile: Do you have more than one reporting unit or activity for the custom fields or just one organizationally as stated


Thanks for your response @James_Carl. I would create separate fields for each reporting unit. I think I figured how I will set it up. This way each month has its own task that can be compared to the previous month’s numbers. What do you think? I’ve only filled out April and May for the example.


Looks good, I think the 12 task concept per reporting unit is the way to go and you can make them reoccurring. I have not tested whether an entry in a custom field is retained when a task is completed and the new one is generated. If it is retained you would have to educate that the numbers are trailing numbers even though due dates are in the future until the due date reporting period shows up to replace the reoccuring event. Let us know if when made re-occuring the custom field numbers are blanked out. You will also be able to make some nice Saved Searches Thanks


@James_Carl I just tested and found that recurring tasks do keep the numbers in the custom fields. Thanks for your help on this!