Using Chrome Bookmark bar instead of folders?

My team is transitioning from Teamwork from Asana. One thing we really miss about Teamwork is the ability to put things in folders and subfolders. We have tons of projects and folder structures really help.


  1. One idea we came up with is to use Chrome Bookmark bar to replace/supplement the lack of folders in Asana. Does anyone have experience doing this or see any potential problems?

  2. One suggestion (found in this community) is to use Teams as folders. I like this idea a lot as well. But can anyone come up with any “cons” for this idea?

  3. Folders seem like an easy thing to code. Yet I don’t see any mention of Asana adding this functionality. Is it because of some fundamental design philosophy?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Crane29

I believe there is a change in how projects are managed. We are moving from a folder-based school of thoughts (one in which I grew up) to a list-and-search based one.

I appreciate that it is quite challenging to switch from one to another, and it can be complex if you are already moving from one system. One of the options you have is to try and start the transition by managing the folder-based view in the bookmark bars, as you suggested. It works, but the issue I see is that it is computer-based, so every new computer has to have its own setup.

Another option (and I would go for this one to be honest) is to use one project to manage the other projects. Every tasks would define a level of “folders” and you can use subtasks to manage subfolders or projects. You simply use the task name as the project name, and in the description you link the actual project. In this way you will help your team with a structure they already know and use, but you will start helping them to transition to a search idea which is leaner and more flexible.

Let me know if something like this can work!



and you can use subtasks to manage subfolders or projects

This is fantastic What a great idea! Thank you very much. I’m going to try this right away. :sunglasses:

It works, but the issue I see is that it is computer-based

I think on Chrome you can save bookmarks for your specific chrome profile so it travels with you. But your point still stands – it is not the ideal solution.


Carlo, thank you for your suggestion with project for it, I took it further and using sort by custom fields as folder trees that you can close or expand and then have comments as projects that you can click to go to that project.