Using Calendars


Is there a way to set up a general team calendar where your team can list high-level projects and not individual tasks, etc.? We would like to have a calendar where we could track topics or issues by month that need to be tracked.



@Steve_Esser at this time the main calendar only shows tasks. So, I recommend that you use dashboards and/or advanced search for a high level overview.

I encourage you to create a custom Asana dashboard to view the progress of all the key projects your team is working on. Just click “dashboard” at the top of the Asana screen to create your own like so:

You could also create an advanced search for the key projects you’re working on and view the advanced search as a calendar. You can save the search by clicking the star next to the search title and keep it in your sidebar for easy reference.

Here is an example of an advanced search for key projects my team is working on + how I can view this in a calendar: