Using Asana to track M&E activities

Hello Asana Friends!

I am working with our programs leadership team right now on data tracking. They are leaning to a SmartSheet solution due to the comfort level of managing that data in a spreadsheet format. I wanted to reach out to the community and see if anyone else is doing this in Asana. There are 3 million participants in 20 countries.

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hey @Kenny_Lemon I responded to you yesterday, but then had issues with my account and deleted my response.

At my organization we use Asana to track larger M&E projects, like data collection, reporting, etc. rather than actually using it to house and track our data (we use Salesforce for that). I’m not sure what M&E activities you’re referring to, if you have examples of what you’re thinking of using Asana for then I may be able to offer suggestions.