Using Asana portfolio to create and send custom invoices

What is the best way I would be able to create an invoice template that could be forwarded to customers?

We use this software to track projects in our lab. I have setup each project with sub-tasks that would be the different tests needed. Each of those tests have a certain value and it would be helpful to create an invoice using each line.

Ultimately we would like to integrate Asana with AX and send invoices through AX which is already built up with customer contact information.

@Bobby_Monsour, You might be able to use Asana2Go (free to most individuals/companies) for this. (Disclaimer: I’m the creator.)

Asana2Go offers unlimited customizability, which would allow you to add an output as you describe. All the built-in reports provide their code to learn, and there’s help reference, and some coverage in one of the videos. This requires some HTML/CSS knowledge. I offer custom reports if you need assistance; contact me by Private Message here or via the links above.

See also for more articles and videos on Asana2Go, including a variety of outputs like dashboards and the Eisenhower matrix.



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