Using Asana for Project Scope Statements


Are there any project managers using Asana to create/communicate project scope statements? I would love to hear feedback and lessons learned.

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I am also interested to hear.

Currently we take notes, email back and forth, create scope documents and not until we are ready to work, does it go in to Asana. Must be a better way… and I’m sure it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

I have just started to map out a process in my head…

  1. Sit with client / stakeholders and create tasks as we take the brief

  2. Use Sections to group high-level requirements together.

  3. Go back to the office and assign out the tasks to the team for feedback or estimates.

  4. Some of the tasks may be assigned back to the client for further information.

  5. Not yet sure of best way to get Scope Sign off - the simple-but-not-elegant solution is to copy and paste to a document… maybe there is something that can be done with the new approvals feature (?) ask client/stakeholder to approve in Asana.

What do you think?

I was JUST about to post something similar.

My question was about how to manage scope within Asana.

Here are my thoughts:

The power of project /task templates. If your business or organization has similar project structures, then perhaps Scope can be managed via a task (then turn it into a task template with a checklist for requirements).

In terms of historical documentation for any project, you can definitely put this into the Project Overview OR create a standard google doc/msword/etc for a project overview that has scope and requirements in their.

I have been doing a similar process for a long time time now, over 3 years. The way I get approval is by asking the client to go in, read the description of each task and add the tag “Approved” to each task. Asana tracks time and date of them putting the tag on and that acts as our approval on each task. We also have a contract that outlines the heading of each task but doesnt go into detail and we just mention scope based on approved asana project.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: