Using ASANA as a "prm" (partner relationship management), make sense as individual contributor?

I wonder if ASANA is ok for using it as an individual contributor for managing my relations with partners/distributors (I work as a Partner Sales Manager).

I see I can use sections as partners and tasks in each section, as tasks, goals…etc.). But not sure if is the right way to use ASANA, or if is not the righ way to do prm (partner relationship management).

Thank you for your advise!

Hey @Eugenio_Mendoza, welcome to the Asana community :wave:

Yes definitely Asana would serve the purpose :slight_smile:

Now in your case I don’t know how many tasks per partner/distributor you have and how many partners and distributors but if there are quite some tasks and process to monitor I would probably opt in creating a project per partner/distributor and then the relevant tasks within each project.

So I recommend playing around a bit with the set-up to figure out what works best for you :smiley:

I also recommend looking through these posts to get more ideas on how you could set it up


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