Using Asana as a CRM for Prospects - Troubleshooting Question

Hello - I am trying to use an Asana Project to make a Master CRM for prospects/donors in our county. We have a couple of teams who will ask for donations from the same prospect (I’m using multi-home to put the prospect into each project). I want to use a “custom $ field” to put in the requested gift request amount.

I have created the field and added it to the field library so that when that prospect/donor comes up in that team’s meeting the outstanding gift request amount will show up on the agenda.

:question: The issue I’m having is that if I add the custom “gift request” field to the field library, it is changing the gift request amount for prospect name: John Doe on one team’s project then amount is also changing on another team’s project.

How can I avoid this from happening but keep John Doe as a “master record?” I want his description detail, giving history, etc to populate for everyone’s project.

Welcome @Chloe_Knouff,

Did you consider one custom $ field for each team, like:

  • T1 Gift Request $
  • T2 Gift Request $

All of these would/should be shared, org-wide custom fields.

Hope that helps,


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Excellent suggestion @lpb! Thank you. The only issue I will have with this solution is if I reach my max 30 fields, to which I am dangerously close. Appreciate it!


Thanks! And re the 30 fields, that’s just per project, but a task can have 100, so if you split some of the custom fields off to another project and the task is multi-homed, you can go beyond 30.


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