Using Approval to move tasks along workflow


I am fairly new to Asana, we use the Business version. I am trying to build a workflow where approval status (accept/reject) affects where a project is next moved on the board. I cannot seem to link the approval status to a movement? Does anyone have any advice please?

Many Thanks

Hi Julia,

It would be under rules.
The trigger is Approval Status Updated and Action is move to a section.
Please see screenshot below!


Thank you, I see that one, but it doesn’t allow me to add variables? So say approved moves it to one place and reject moves it to a different one?

Hi so if you click on the approval top one you can change it to approved or rejected and then choose the sections.

I’ll attache a couple of screenshots of what I mean. I think I have set this up correctly, but the change of approval status is not making it move?

I’m hoping I’m making sense with this but am still fairly new to it all!

Solved on a call :slight_smile: - essentially added a custom field as a trigger to move across