Users in custom fields

Hi team,
We would like to have access to users for custom fields to assign the review of a task to a person without changing its owner

@Eddy_Boels, subtasks will work for that case. Custom fields are for storing meta information about tasks/items, not for task-management.

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I would like this feature to use for persons who are consulted but not responsible for the task. It would be very useful to keep them informed without assigning them and thus keeping the task clean

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I would be handy to have the values of the assignees- dropdown, available to custom- fields. I don’t ask for multiple assignees (primary responsable workers) to a task, even this seems related to Assign multiple assignees on one task

Sometimes there are different roles for a task, like someone who has to review, confirm etc. a task. This may varie within a project, so i can’t use those rules. And not every time it makes make sense to split a task in a “do it-”, “review it-” task or to add those as sub-tasks (Correct me if i’m wrong as a Asana newbie). I guess this also would open other possibilities, not mentioned here.

Currently we have manually to create field of type Dropdown and include different Roles or Workers. This isn’t updated when there is a now co-worker

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Hi @BES, thanks for reaching out and taking the time to submit your feedback with us!

Just to make sure I understood your request, you would like to have a drop-down custom field in which you can choose different assignees. Do you want this to be under the assignee field? For example, a second assignee field in a task?

It’ll be very helpful if you can give more details of what you would like to achieve. Thanks in advance!

Hi Emily_Roman

Exactly, a custom field of type dropdown, where i can choose one single assignee. With assignee, i mean to pick someone from the same list of users, which is available under the default field “assignees”. We’d name this field different e.g. like “review by” or “suggested by”. This fields position doesn’t matter. I guess the order of the column (at least in the table- view) could be changed similar to other “custom fields”.

Sure, i guess it make sense to add this type of field near to the “responsable” assignee…

Best regards,

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Thanks for confirming this information and sending the screenshots, @BES! I see what you mean, and thanks again for sharing this feedback. I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I have news about this feature or something similar!


Having a custom field like that would be very useful for us as well.
We create a main task for each thing to do, and there is a subtask per person, but when I look at the main tasks in the project in List mode, it’s very useful to know in one glance who does what where.
So far, i’ve created a custom field with the name of everyone. and I created it several times because I want one for each role.
Having “Assignees” in the library would make the selection easier, and enable to have several roles fields easily.

Adding this feature would have tremendous value. In some workflows, the task/card item could indeed have multiple people assigned to it, sometimes in different roles.

In a product roadmap for exemple, one could want to add to the ‘task’ item: a product owner, a UX lead, a PM, a developer, etc etc…

I really like Asana but the design choice to make sure only one team member appears on a given task really limits product usability. The platform should really be less opinionated in this perspective, and these limitations lack user empathy!
It’s about work management, flexibility in creating various workflows… not to enforce a methodology!

@Marie_OoO @Emily_Roman,

I think this thread is a duplicate of Featured : Users in custom fields


Thanks @Phil_Seeman, I’ve just merged them!

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Very useful feature request voted up. We are big users of Asana and like the product but this seems like an easy feature request to fulfill.