User with Same Domain as Guest


Hello Asanas!

We are an organization under the free plan and my team is on premium plan. I wanted to add another user only as guest. But he is in the same organization. Is this possible?


Organization membership is based on the email domain associated with the organization. Anyone that joins the Asana organization associated with with an email address, for example, will be a full member, and not a guest. So in this case, your colleague will be a full member (with all the benefits!), and can not be designated as a guest.


I guess we have no choice. Either we add him in the team (and pay for his seat), or we’ll just add him to some projects directly.


Are you already at your max on your current plan seats, which are in 5 person increments? If not adding them as a full member will not change your billing rate.

If it were possible to add a guest with the Organization email domain for free, they would never sell more than the 5 user plan.


If they have a separate email address (with a different domain), you could invite them to the Team using that email address instead of their organization email address.