User-Specific Timeline



Love the new timeline feature for projects. It would be helpful to be able to view a combined timeline of a single user’s tasks, regardless of project. If I’m working on a handful of projects at a time it would be great to see all of them stacked up together so you have a good idea of any hotspots/overloads in your schedule.


@Lauren_Kelly Brilliant! I’d love this.

I think to piggy back off this, it would be good to see a whole team or selectable team timelines. That way you could level load if needed.

I realize that this could become onerous to deal with as the amount of vertical space required would demand a LOT of scrolling.


Such a good idea! We have about 50 projects in our company and as CEO it would be really helpful to see everyone’s projects on the one timeline so we could more easily visualise the flow and interconnectivity of projects from a management perspective. It would also be great if I could then click on any project on the timeline to see the tasks the project comprises.


Totally Agree. Asana is still too “single user” oriented. It lacks tools for project managers who manage multiple projects at the same time. Team planning is important as project planning. Hope this is in the roadmap.


It will be very helpful for planning.
And maybe viewing tasks on timeline separated by each users in a team for planning all resources.


I agree with this request, in order to be able to review workload for users, it would be great to see their timeline on a person by person basis