User-level "save layout as default"

Thanks very much Larry!

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Just adding my 2¢ because I’m so frustrated by this. The complaints have been rolling in for over three years, and asana seems to have not said a word about planning or not planning to implement this feature. Is it really that difficult? If so, just tell us so we can stop begging. Or give us a roadmap for the feature. Some sort of news would be nice. And the “assigned to me” feature is far from a user-level “save layout as default”. There are so many projects in my company that are worked on by multiple people, but I need to know what’s upcoming for me, before it’s assigned to me.

Bottom line: We all need to see the board the way we want to see it.


I hope the Asana team sees that this is still a VERY high-demand feature. My whole team asking and complaining about this and saying that other PM software like Click-up has this functionality. We want to have user-specific default view options please!