User-level "save layout as default"

I really hope this request feature will up on the most wanted features :stuck_out_tongue:
@Marie :raised_hand: any move about Asana devteam on this one ?

We are also looking to see if this in the works as an updated feature!

I have seen a lot of forums discussing the need to save a view of the tasks in a project - but that the view should only be for the USER. for example I want to filter out all the other tasks that don’t apply to my department (our task list is a workflow of the entire process of a transaction, start to finish- so there are a ton of tasks) - that way I can see MY departments workflow when I am working out of tasks, and things aren’t getting lost/hard to find. What I filter for and what someone else filters for are going to be completely different based on what their role is. It seems cumbersome to have to add a filter each time I go into my task list - if I save it - then if someone from another dept needs to change it when they are working. I need the ability to see other department’s tasks when appropriate, however, 95% of the time I just want to see tasks for my dept - is there really not an option for this? I feel like I have to be missing something! Any tips for how to deal with this or a workaround are greatly appreciated!

Yes, you need to use an advanced search that you save :slight_smile:

so I need to create a specific advanced search for every project I am working on? For reference, I am in commercial real estate and each transaction is a project. And then for each new deal added and then delete when that when a deal closes so I dont have a bunch of reporrts that arent applicable to what I’m doing.

Is this in development? It seems like a pretty standard (and heavily requested) feature.

I ask because we have a group testing for our company and this may be a non-negotiable based on how our company is set up. Thanks for the quick response!

I did not hear about “the ability to quick filter and save just for you” as being on the roadmap, but Asana does not share its roadmap anyway.

Your report could pull data from various projects, or even all projects from a team, and then you can sort the results by projects.

That’s the only solution I see based on the quick discussion we just had. If this gets in the way of choosing Asana, you might benefit from a private session to look deeper at your system and needs!

Hi @Laura_Houghton, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

While this feature isn’t available at this time, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future

We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Currently, in an Asana project we can save a layout as default (including filters + view). But this will save the layout for all of the users of the project. It would be ideal to be able to save a personal layout as default (just for myself) instead of for the entire team.


This is a known topic and there is an existing thread on the forum :slight_smile: you should be able to find it using the search.

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Thanks for your feedback, @gaelle2! I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to centralize feedback: User-level "save layout as default"

Asana is great, but it is missing 1 critical feature that has an impact on day to day use for people that work across various projects within an organization with multiple people. And that is what is represented by these many issues that are rolled up in this thread. I keep coming back and searching through the feedback forums to see if there is any update hinting that something that will solve this problem is even planned… and I’m constantly disappointed. I just see more people asking for the same thing to a problem that was identified years ago. I would take any of the proposed solutions to the problem of having to manually configure a filter every day I use your product or waste time and getting distracted by other tasks that aren’t relevant to me, sifting through everyone else’s tasks to find what I’m looking for. This is a minor annoyance, but relatively simple options that are standard in most project management tools have solved this. And I have to deal with this defect every day I use Asana. For years now.

Please add at least one of these, or address why Asana will not be implementing any solutions that help cut down on daily repetitive filtering tasks that the current UI leads users to do:

  1. User level default view per project board
  2. Multiple different configured and named views that can be used by everyone (see github projects beta for a great way this could work)
  3. Allow a “my tasks” option that would default the view to the current logged in user (filtering to my tasks and then saving that as the default view changes it to only show that user’s tasks to everyone… this seems like a pretty bad UI decision or a bug)
  4. Put filter parameters in the URL so we can bookmark what works for us ourselves. Or at least allow for URL based filters to work, even if you don’t want “ugly” URLs in your application. It’d be better to have a list of bookmarks that we have to maintain ourselves for the projects we work on all the time than having to deal with a missing, much needed feature every day we work with Asana.



any update on this? it’s terrible to work without this feature

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I made a bookmarklet that works on the task view page for my needs. Would love to not have to use/maintain this though.

javascript: (() => {    const filterMenu = document.querySelector('.FilterMenu');;    setTimeout(() => {        const filterMenuContents = document.querySelector('.FilterMenuContents');        if(filterMenuContents) {            const removeButton = filterMenuContents.querySelector('.RemoveButton');  ;        } else {            const justMyTasks = document.getElementById('view_options_filter_Just my tasks');            console.log(justMyTasks);            if(justMyTasks) {      ;            }        }    }, 250);})()

To use this, make a bookmark, set the URL to that script. When on a project view, you can click the bookmarklet to toggle your filter on and off.

Hoping to see this implemented soon. I (and probably almost everyone here) have to always filter my own tasks.


Updated version:

javascript: (() => {
    const filterMenu = [...document.querySelectorAll('.PageToolbarStructure-rightChildren div')]
        .find((node) => node.innerText.startsWith('Filter'));;
    setTimeout(() => {
        const filterMenuContents = document.querySelector('.FilterMenuContents');
        if (filterMenuContents) {
            const removeButton = filterMenuContents.querySelector('.RemoveButton');
        } else {
            const justMyTasks = document.getElementById('view_options_filter_Just my tasks');
            if (justMyTasks) {
    }, 250);

This is now covered by asana-bookmarklets | Drag and drop the links to add JavaScript codes to your bookmark bar - 2.5 - Just my tasks.

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Hopefully there is an update on this “feature” :slight_smile:

Is there any progress?

is there a was that the script should click on just my tasks because this script requires me to press on just my tasks.