User Field Title

When you use an Asana field or create a User Field, you have name of the field and description.

Because at some point in time and the freedom that every person can create user fields, you end up with way too much user fields.

So in order to enable project and portfolio managers to use the correct user fields, you (at least I do) start giving them longer names.

When you then use these fields in e.g. a portfolio view, this becomes very long

Below is the print of how the portfolio was requested by our CIO

Below is how it looks like in Asana Portfolio


Do you have a specific product request? You can use more acronyms, and/or emojis, and also reorder words to have the “right” ones first…

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I normally use the Description to denote the use

Task Status

Task Status
lead gen

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Hi, I indeed overlook the description field and I have now changed my approach. product request can be dismissed

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