User Activity and Last login time REST API

Trying to use the REST API to get all the Active users and when they last logged in . The /api/1.0/users/ gives me some information but not what i need. Is there another endpoint that would give me info on who is licensed\Active\Last login… Something like that?

Hi @carlitoman111 ,

Welcome to the forum! Full disclosure: I haven’t personally done this, so there very well may be a better method for this (hoping others weigh in here!).

You could use this endpoint to pull all users (I think you’ve already figured out this part), then pull their GIDs and use the audit log API to filter for login events.

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Just one caveat to add: note that the Audit Log API is only available on the Enterprise+ subscription level (and while legacy plans are still around, on the legacy Enterprise level).

Thanks all, i shall try it.

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