Use of Asana in mainland china through AWS China

I have been a loyal user to Asana for years and successfully introduced Asana as project management tool to multiple companies in mainland China. However my friends and co-workers are reporting growing difficulty in accessing the web-site.

Taking a closer look, I found that Asana might be using AWS CloudFront, which is just made available to mainland China. Could anyone confirm if there is a plan to extend CF to mainland China? Or if there is any plan to provide good-as-outside services to us Chinese users?


Hi @Yining_ZHANG and thanks for reaching out in the Forum!

You’re completely right, Asana uses AWS CloudFront; I don’t believe we’ve plans to change this any time soon but whitelisting these addresses might help you get you a better experience with Asana!

Thank you for your timely reply! “*” is also good for others might see this post. After some back-and-forth work, I figured the only things got stuck 100% should be icons distributed through cloudfront. Also using some local CDN emulators is also effective to reduce load time (like some large js files, their loading time is unstable).

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