Use custom fields for payments approval


Hi everyone! I would love feedback regarding How would be the best way to setup a payment validation system within my company. Here is how my company currently works:

  • Tuesday’s are the only pay days, so my entire team adds tasks to the payments project and assign those tasks to me to validate, I review them and I created custom fields to approve, hold or reject the payment. If the payment is approved then I assign it to the person who makes the payments, this person checks on the task history if I changed the validation custom field to approved to make sure I did that.

This works very well, my only issue is that we have recurring payments for example office rent, the problem here is that when the task is completed and gets created again for next month rent, it keeps the validation custom field of the previous month so up to now it is pointless for me to create recurring payments on this system as the validation process does not work, any feedback on this?


Looks like custom fields values are just like the task title, it is kept untouched for any recurring task.

One “hacky” solution would be to add a subtask “Reset approval” on the task to make sur you don’t forget to do it before hand.


That’s handy thanks!