use before and after due dates together

Want to have a meeting project template with the due date the date of the meeting. There will be tasks to be done before the meeting (before due date) and some follow up tasks after the meeting (after due date).
It looks to me that I can pick one or the other but not combine the two. Any way to accomplish this.

Hello @Harry_Steinke
in order to be able to better assist I‘d like clarification on a few things:

Are you mainly looking for an Asana project template or are you questioning how you can best work out the due date (since you want it to be the meeting date but you also have other tasks to attend to before?)

If you are looking for templates have a look here:

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I think I know what you mean: with the relative date feature in project templates, you can only choose start or end date + a value, and this value can’t be negative. So you basically can’t date things before and after the start or end date. Is this your issue?

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