URLs ending with "-"



If you paste a URL into a text field, the url is incorrectly linked when the URL ends with a dash ("-"). The link does not include the dash so the link 404s. This bug occurs in all the text fields (e.g. project description, comment, etc).

For example, this URL would not be linked correctly: “https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/xxxxxxxxxxxxx-” because it ends with a dash.


I am wondering if this is a valid format URL. If it is not, Asana dev team probably used a regular expression not covering this case. @Alexis who can we ask about this?



Thanks for the reply Bastien. In my case, I have a URL to a Google Drive folder which ends in a dash. The URL only works with the dash on the end so it must be a valid URL.

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I mean “valid” regarding the official specification of HTTP. It all depends on the regular expression Asana engineers have used, the “correct” format is a widely complicated subject from what I remember.


I’m also having the same problem. My company uses Google Drive for everything and uses Asana as well as Slack. Whenever Google generates a drive link with “-” at the end, it doesn’t recognize it, but none of the other programs have that problem, including Slack. It works just fine in Slack.


In Asana


In Slack