URL to create a navigate to project/section and popup a create task window?

We use GitHub extensively in our process. When someone files a bug report or feature request, part of the issue template says essentially (with a link):

“Click here to create an issue in Asana Project X Section Y”.

The link we include is just a reference to the project itself in Asana. Is it possible to craft a URL with the following outcomes:

  1. Navigate to a specific Project AND Section (where section could be like Bug Reports)
  2. Upon navigating to the section a New Task window automatically pops up (like if I had pressed Tab +Q in Asana). The task would already be created under the appropriate project/section.
  3. Bonus points: I could include in the URL query string information that could be populated into the New Task window. For example: assignee, description, task title, etc.

I’m envisioning a link looking like this:
Log in - Asana<PROJECT_UUID>/<SECTION_UUID>/addtask?assignee=BobJones&title=New Bug Issue&description=some more info here

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@Taylor_Ralston1 - fancy seeing you here, old friend! Cool to see that you are using Asana!

I’ve wanted to be able to do this with Asana for a long time, but have never found a way to make it work. Asana does own the https://task.new URL (google-owned .new TLD), which brings up the new task pop-up window, and it would be absolutely amazing to pass the project, section, and task information via the URL, but it doesn’t seem they’ve enabled this yet. I do hope they will.

FYI - Though I don’t think there are any updates on being able to do what you’ve outlined, you might get more thorough or helpful responses with technical questions by posting in the Developers & API - Asana Community Forum category of the forum.

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You could accomplish your full request (minus bonus points) by using a link to a very simple Asana form created in the destination project, and one rule to move the new task to a section.

For the bonus points, I think the simplest approach would be an automation (using Zapier, Integromat, etc.)

Hope that helps,


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