URL of email embedded in the task created by email

When I forward an email (using Gmail) to Asana, is it possible to have it embed the link for that email in the task? It would make going back to the original email so much easier, so hoping this already exists or is being considered.

Hi @DavidWS :wave: and thank you for reaching out!

I’m afraid this is not possible at the moment unless you manually copy the URL of the email while commenting but is definitely something we could consider in the future!

I’ve gone ahead and move this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow other users to vote for this request! I’ve also slightly edited the title to make it more discoverable to other users. I hope that is OK!

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Have a nice Wednesday David!

Thanks Natalie - just FYI, this is a feature that Evernote has, so it definitely something that there is a demand for. hopefully it will get a lot of votes. Thanks for your assistance.

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I want to add tasks to asana from gmail from things like various issue trackers. It does not currently appear that links in those emails are preserved, requiring me to follow the link to the email and then to the other issue tracker, rather than being able to click through directly.

The issue I have is different than the one here. If I use the gmail addon, I’d like links that exist in the original email to be clickable in the created task.