URL Links Are Very Useful


As a consultant, I have a number of organizations in my Asana account. I consistently switched from my main account by changing Organizations and then going to the Project I may be working with an organization on. So I tried just putting a Project URL or Task URL or even a Save Favorite URL from another organization in my home organization. Click andy of them on and I was there instantaneously instead of old way of doing it. And it did not open a separate Asana window. Just thought I would share with some of you that have multiple organizations but you might want more rapid navigation from your own. Could make a dashboard in your main organization of all activity in multiple organizations you participate in. Very nice


Nice! Thanks for sharing, @James_Carl.

I’d love to piggy-back on your suggestion.

As we know, Workspaces and Organizations have hard barriers: you can’t move projects or tasks between them, and you can’t view all of your tasks in one list within Asana.

However, there are a couple of integrations you might want to check out:

  1. Taco allows you to view all of your tasks in one list across Workspaces and Organizations: https://asana.com/apps/taco

  2. This third-party tool allows you to move projects between Workspaces and Organizations: http://kothar.net/organise_asana

Maybe you can couple this with your current method to boost productivity.

Best of luck!


@Terri_Burden Yes, I used kothar a number of times with decent success.