URL for recurring task?



I have several recurring tasks (set to recur daily, weekly etc). I want to link to the ‘current’ task from OneNote, so that it always takes me to the most recent in the series of daily tasks. However, when I select “Copy Task URL” to get the URL of a task, it apparently provides me with a URL that is specific to that instance of a task, not the most recent instance of that task.

For example, I have a task “Foo” set to recur daily. I create a link to it on Monday. I then mark the task done. On Tuesday the task has recurred (yay), however the URL now points to an old, complete task, not the current, incomplete task (Which is of course what I want).

Does anyone know of a workaround or solution to this?


Hi Bob,

I have the same issue.
What I do is, I have all my recurring tasks with multi-homing in a separate project.
There I have sections for the repeat rate: Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc.

If I copy a URL, of course it is later the completed tasks, but since it is linked to the project with the recurring tasks, I find it easily.


I like this Sebastian, I think it works well for this instance. I’ve used a tag previously, but I think I might adopt this method.


Thanks for the two excellent workarounds. It would be great to have a built-in solution, but this should be workable.


If I’d need such URL I’d set up private (not to mess others workflows) project and used it as supplementary project similarly to what @Sebastian_Paasch described in

and would set up Search precisely to my needs. Then used the search URL in OneNote.