URGENT Management Email Notifications Question


Our boss only wants to receive email notifications on items that our hot and need his approval, he does not wish to receive email notifications for every task or comment. How can we accomplish this?


Hi @Renea_Finlay! As it stands, There are different types of notifications and some limitations around customization:

  • Notifications at the account level: there are three types:
  1. Activity
  2. Reminder
  3. Dashboard

Your boss might be mostly interested in “Activity” notifications, and could potentially disable the two other. To learn more about these notifications and how to enable/disable them, you can check out this handy article: https://asana.com/guide/help/email/email-from-asana. Note that you can’t pick and choose what “Activity” notification you receive, you can only receive them all, or not any at all.

  • Notifications at the project level:

For each project, you can decide what type of notification you want to receive. You can learn more about them and how to enable/disable them in this article: https://asana.com/guide/help/projects/people#gl-notifications

Hope this helps!