Urgent: All tasks dates set for "today"

Hello everyone,

I really hope someone can help me on this. I was adding some tasks to a board view project (from a list view one). And suddenly I didn’t even see how it happened all the tasks’ due date got set for today . Please if anyone knows how to revert this please tell me…thank you in advance.


Hi Caroline

This is quite a laborious solution - unless anyone else knows another way - but each task contains a mini-history of changes that you’ve made to the task:

You could go through each task and check the most recent due date. I hope there aren’t too many!


Mark is correct. At this time we have no way to undo sweeping actions like mass due date changes. The only undo feature built into the platform is the undo button that appears immediately after we submit a comment. I hope you’re able to find a solution that works for you! Please let us know if you have other questions and we’ll be happy to continue troubleshooting with you.

Thank you @Alexis & @Mark_Hudson for your help, unfortunately I had to retype all of the deadlines one by one. Thankfully I had a CSV backup file. I still don’t know what actually happened for all these dates to be suddenly reset like that…
Thank you anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


Anytime! We’re happy to help. Sounds like you had to put in some effort, but it’s good to hear you could get your workflow back in order!