Uploading PDF Files in Community


I think it would be helpful to allow some additional file formats such as PDF in the attachments. The more people can post how they are laying out Asana the better. I sent a Church Accounting Department layout but had to create a bunch of JPEG’s. I do realize I could save it on Google Drive, Dropbox etc, but makes an additional step. Is it a size or concern for virus when people open?


Hi Jim! Thanks for this feedback! The attachment capabilities in the Community are actually decided by the software provider, Discourse. If you’d like to share this feedback with them, I recommend visiting the Discourse Community at https://meta.discourse.org/.


@Alexis don’t know if this will help but according to this email I received from Discourse, Asana might have the right to determine which attachments are available.

From: cpradio [mailto:meta@discoursemail.com]
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2017 5:45 PM
To: james.carl@stratelyze.com
Subject: [Discourse Meta] Adding File Type Attachments

cpradio Senior Tester 

April 6

It is a site setting. I believe the setting is authorized extensions


Awesome! Just updated it. Let’s see if people start attaching pdfs :slight_smile: