Upload picture in a board view using a website URL



Is there someway to easily add images from a website link to be a cover in board view? So far my choices seem to be either to email with an image attached or to take a screenshot and upload as an image. Thanks, Cynthia


Hi @Cynthia_Jaggi,

By “a cover” do you mean the attached images that get displayed in tasks for board projects? Like these:

You can just paste images, so the easiest way is to just get them in your paste buffer. I just copy the images I care about (or use a snipping program) to grab the image I want and then paste it directly into the description for the task (or even into a comment). The last image attached to a task will automatically be used in the task.

If a task has multiple images attached to it, you can click the down arrow and select different ones or turn the pic off:

Let me know if I missed the point, hopefully this helps.


Thanks for the reply! I am talking about the image that shows on the board - however my issue is I’m usually pulling images from the web, which means the workflow ends up being taking a screenshot and then either attaching that or pasting it in, what I would love is for a link to pull in the page image.


Yeah, sorry I couldn’t be more help. Maybe this other method I can think of will work for you as I’m still not sure where the image you refer to shows. Hopefully it won’t matter.

Basically, you can use URLs as filenames (at least in Windows, I’m not sure if this will work on smartphones or macs (I have neither)).

First, just get the URL of the image you want (this may change per browser also, I used Chrome and I just right click on the image and select “Copy image address”):

Click the attach icon in Asana and use the “Your Computer” option:

Paste the URL into the resulting “Open” dialog for the filename (the directory you start from doesn’t matter as the URL is considered a full path):

And then it’s there

Hopefully this method might work for you.