Upgraded Workspaces & Confusion with Existing Organization Account


Hi there,

I recently upgraded a “Workspace” that used my personal email address to a premium account, but wanted that Workspace to be associated with my work email address and be converted into a new “Organization” account. But, when I added my work email to my personal Workspace, it added me to an existing Organization account for my company. I hadn’t realized that one existed - I thought I was the first in the company to set up the account.

Problem is, this existing Organization account is only the free version, not premium. Is there any way of transferring my premium personal Workspace account into this existing Organization account or do I have to upgrade the Organization account itself?



Hi Dia,

Thanks for writing to the Community! It looks like this question is best suited for our support team, since a solution may involve sharing personal information (email addresses). I recommend you reach out to support at https://asana.com/support/#contact-form

Please let us know if you have other questions :slight_smile:


Not a problem- I’ll reach out. Thank you!


Hi @Dia_Banerjee
Did this get resolved for you - I am having the same issue in transferring accross to an Organisation and then my premium is still on the now disused workspace!