Upgrade from Team to Organisation



I have a question on upgrading - can’t seem to find a clear answer in the support pages so hoping somebody can give me one here :slight_smile:

I currently manage a Premium Team with 5 seats - I tested Asana out a little myself with a free account, found it pretty useful, and upgraded my team 3 months ago.

My team now has 6 people however, and I can see that if I upgraded the team to 10 seats, I’d be charged a prorated amount for the remaining 9 months. Fair enough.

However I also have a number of other people in the company now interested in using Asana, so it seems that upgrading to an Organisation with 10 or more seats would be a better option and then increasing seats from there as required.

However on the payment page for that upgrade, there’s no mention of any prorated payment. The only thing I can see in the support guide is “If the Organization is upgraded, that plan will override any existing premium Team subscriptions.”

To me that implies that if I upgrade to an Organisation, I’d pay the full annual fee and forfeit the remaining 9 months I’ve paid for the team membership. Surely not?


Hi Kait!

in sum, when selecting an upgraded plan the system will calculate the pro-rated time left in your current plan, apply it as a credit to your account, then subtract it from the cost of your new plan.

That said, the specifics of your premium plan’s upgrade is a question best served by a member of our customer support team. I encourage you to reach out via

Hope this helps!