Updating tasks across organisations

Hello All,

I’m looking for help on an unusual case:
My company works closely with a vendor to build a bespoke software product.
Both companies use Asana.

By creating or updating a task in the Company A’s project, the corresponding task should update in Company B’s project. Obviously we have both companies’ collaboration on this.

I’ve used IFTTT before to do similar task duplication, but not across organisations. I can get an email to fire on task update from Company A’s Asana to a mailbox. My initial idea was to make that the email address of Company B’s Asana project and allow Asana to create a task from the email, but it’s blocking receipt as it is from another domain.

Anyone managed to do something similar or have any suggestions?



Quick update:
I’m able to achieve this through Zapier, but I need an account in each organisation’s Asana to set it up.

Does anyone know of a way this could be achieved with the API?

Hi @Martin_Fourie, thanks for reaching out! You are right, you can achieve this using Zapier as we don’t have a native feature in Asana. I recommend you asking this question in the #developersAPI category :slight_smile: one of the developers and experts will be able to help you with your question.