Updating duplicate tasks

I made a project to follow up on monthly invoices. I created 12 sections that correspond to 12 months. Each month I have the name of the company as a task with 3 custom fields: W9, Vendor Form, and Invoice. Each one can be toggled with missing or received.
The W9 and Vendor Form we only need once, while the invoices need to be tracked each month. As of now, I duplicated each company task to have one per month. But in doing so, I have to manually toggle missing or received again for W9 and Vendor Form for every month. I can’t figure out a way to automate it so that once W9 or vendor form is marked as received, all the duplicated tasks of that same company update that as well.
I tried putting them as subtasks, but then they don’t appear in list format (you have to click on it), and we want to be able to see everything at once.
Do you know if there is a way to do this?
Thank you!

Hello @Chris_Vieulles, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

How about creating one task per company and then using custom fields more? This way you can make better use of reports and dashboards as well.

W9 and Vendor form you keep with the single-select options „missing“ and „received“

Then add 12 custom fields: Jan Inv, Feb Inv, … Dec Inv or similar naming.

You‘d still be moving the tasks along the stages but via rules meaning when you select received via the custom field option the task would then jump to the next month stage already.

You can even trigger comments to be added and a lot more.

If you consider setting up graphs also I’d even recommend adding a custom field for the company name also. Then you have more options for the reports.

Does that help?

Hi Andrea,
thank you for your answer!
The issue with this is that we’re trying to track each month’s invoice. So each company should send us one invoice per month. We want to make sure we’re not missing any.
If a company sends us July, then skip August, then sends September, we will not be able to record it. Does it make sense?


You should consider using my tool Recurring Tasks to create all instances of those task so that you don’t miss any if skipped!