Updating Asana Tags in a task.

I’m using Asana Tags to trigger events to remove the reliance on identifying a specific project. I’ve create an “update” tag in Asana but when I’ve completed a given trigger I want to either clear out the tags or remove the “update” tag.

Since there are multiple tags I’m currently attempting to set the tag by hard coding the value. When I go to test it says that it will set the tag in Asana to my desired hard coded value (only shows the one tag). When I execute the test it says it was successful but nothing happens. When I go back into the test and look at the data that was “passed” it still includes the original “update” tag. So it appears as if it is not clearing out the tags field and then setting it with my hard coded value. Anyone else experiencing this issue and figure out a solution?

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Hi @Michael_Rivera are you using the API for this?

If so will move you post to the API section as that is watched more closely by the serious Dev among us…

Welcome to the community…