Updating all projects/tasks in a Team when we find a "better way" of doing something

We’re likely to make a rather sizeable change to the way we use Asana.

We’re probably going to start making all of our major orders (manufacturing) a “Project” (currently, all major orders are a task, but this limits us).

We’re setting up the “Project Template” with all the necessary tasks, assigned to the necessary people, with relative due dates, and etc.

So, what if we get 2 months into this with 100 Projects, and suddenly we realize that life would be VASTLY easier if we had done something different with the template?

Here’s a few scenarios that I suspect we’ll find:

*The due dates that are automatically created on some of the tasks actually aren’t as necessary as we thought and making a wreck of the various calendars and inboxes. How do we retroactively remove due dates from a bunch of “the same task” across 100 existing projects that were created by that tempate?

*We suddenly realize we need a specific task in all 100 existing projects to show up in another project. For example, let’s say all 100 Projects have a task called “Order Materials”, and I decide that I need a project called “Order Materials” that I need ALL of those to show up in. How do I go back and add all 100 of those “Order Materials” task into an “Order Materials” Project, so that I can have a calendar view of “Order Materials”?

I would suggest looking at the Asana Advanced Search feature. this is exactly used for this use case.


Congrats, that’s a good move :slight_smile:

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Paul, you’re probably right, I’m hoping the advanced search also has an advanced “mass edit” feature, sort of like how Notepad++ has the ability to find/replace text on all documents within a folder.

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