Update "linked" data within a Project that is duplicated or created from a Template

I believe that it would be really powerful to “refresh” the links within a description field of a task when a project is duplicated or created from a template. The links I would suggest be refreshed are those things that point to other areas within the project itself. Some examples of these would be (those in bold are the ones I see to be more widely used in this way):

  • List
  • Board
  • Timeline
  • Calendar
  • Progress
  • Form
  • Conversation
  • Files
  • Task
  • Subtask

For instance, if there was a need to link to the Form of a project within the description of a specific task, when the project was duplicate, the link would update to be the Form link of the NEW project. Currently, these links point to the Form from which the project was created from.

Thanks for creating this request @Jerod_Hillard! :+1: Very clear and I think it’ll be a good addition to the duplicate forms feature.