Update billing/sign-in email address

I need to update my billing email address but it’s grayed out. I no longer own this email domain and need it changed. I’ve submitted 3 requests to support with the one I need deleted, and what I need it changed to and haven’t received a response. I believe all responses may be going to the email I no longer own but I can’t confirm.

This is really disappointing and extremely frustrating.

How did you change your billing and main/sign-in email address?


@Marie or @Emily_Roman will be able to help here!

Hi @Chary_Jimenez, can you please reach out to our support team (How to contact our Support Team ✉) from your new email address? Make sure to mention your previous email address and our team will take it from there. Thanks!

Hi @Marie - What is the expected TAT for a response? This will be the 4th time I’ll have had to submit a support team request. Thanks!

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