Upcoming Live Training in NYC on Nov. 29


Hi there! My name is Todd, and I’m a trainer and consultant that teaches teams how to use Asana. I often travel all over the US to help businesses, universities, and other nonprofits deploy and optimize Asana.

I’m experimenting with something a little different where I’m doing a training for anyone who wants to come. An upcoming training is happening November 29 in NYC in midtown Manhattan!

What’s amazing about Asana is it can make work faster and easier in so many settings. But I’ve found it usually takes training to unlock its potential. This event features our full Asana training workshop without your company having to pay thousands of dollars and travel expenses.

This special one-day training event is for:

  • Executives or managers thinking about deploying Asana, but you want more information
  • Teams that have tried Asana but it hasn’t quite caught on
  • Company “champions” who want to be an in-house Asana expert
  • Project managers
  • Small business owners
  • Anyone else who’s part of a team using Asana

Registration is well underway, and there are less than 10 seats left.

:arrow_right: Learn more & register :arrow_left:

Hope to see you there!



@Todd_Cavanaugh How’d the training go? Were there any highlights or key questions you’d be able to share?

I’m excited to share more learnings across training experiences!


Thanks for asking, @Kaitie! It went fantastic. We had about 15 people there representing companies like one of the largest privately-held security services firms in the US, a luxury bedding company, a software investment company, and a Manhattan-based marketing agency.

We covered a lot of the material I’ve developed to help people quickly gain expertise in Asana, and the attendees seemed like they gleaned a lot. I think teaching about My Tasks and Search Reports are two of my favorite topics.

There was an enthusiastic response when I showed the new “comment-only” permissions from people who had already been using Asana.

Post-event feedback was very positive. One attendee wrote:

“Going into the training, I knew nothing about Asana. After the workshop, I felt confident in my abilities to use it for my job.”

A highlight for me was giving one of the Asana mugs to the group that had the most attendees. I need more Asana swag for next time! :unicorn: :+1:

Speaking of next time, I think we’ll look into doing a few more cities in the New Year. Look out D.C., Chicago, and SF/Oakland!