Upcoming changes coming to My Tasks in Asana! [breaking changes]

We’ve considered adding Rules to My Tasks, but we don’t actively have plans to build this in the near term with this migration.

(@OSTMOST, @Jerod_Hillard - I don’t want to pull this thread off-topic but FYI I am modifying Flowsana as we speak to support User Task Lists, so that Flowsana rules will be able to be used for auto-promotion.)


It is not off topic, it is actually right on the topic. Asana is driving me completely crazy with those half-measures. For the love of god why launch a project-like My Tasks and leave out the one thing that will make it really, really useful - Rules. Guys sometimes I just want to leave and never come back. Great that @Phil_Seeman and others are filling the gaps, because what you guys are doing is definitely sub-par, not honest to paying customer, way different to you your mission statement and marketing … Whatever, lets keep it a development thread, but very very disappointed.


I have the opposite feeling, task auto-promotion being my #1 productivity trick :grimacing:


I agree with Bastien’s comment. The loss of auto-promotion is concerning. We have trained all of our users to rely on auto-promoting (set and forget until it is due). This will force all users to change their workflow patterns. Does Asana have any materials which can be shared, so we can prepare our users before this is forced onto them?

The thought of having a major workflow change just appear without notice to a standard user will create havoc.


@Bastien_Siebman okay well I agree with this point too, while still being excited :grimacing:

Is there any way to have a workflow set where task moves to XYZ section X days before due date?

I totally agree with you all, my “My Task” view is going to have probably hundreds of tasks that I don’t need to see sometimes for over a year.

If they allowed for automation rules to set up some of this functionality, I think we could get somewhere near that? Having an “Upcoming + Later” section and then using rules to move them based on due date?

My main concern is that My Tasks has been totally abandoned and left in the dark. Old layout, no board view, no section support. This is definitely needed, but I agree, something needs to be accounted for here as well for the auto-promoting bit or people’s My Task views are going to get incredibly messy with tasks falling by the wayside regularly.

Hoping they have a plan for this, surely?

If you are adding “surely” at the end I think we both know what the answer is :slight_smile: I think most of what you want you will get, but why is it always “almost nice” is beyond me. It has been almost an year since they launched something and it was “man this is a super clever way of solving a problem no one has solved”. Otherwise boards, timeline, etc. in My Task is super needed, but is not new and does not approach the issue in a new way, as you would expect from Asana. Anyway we are making conclusions based on very little information, we will see.

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Hey all! I’m a Product Manager at Asana.

I wanted to give a bit more clarity on these changes.

Definitely! We’re announcing these changes to developers as early as possible so that you aren’t caught off guard. When we’re closer to release, we’ll be letting all users know about the changes, along with resources for how to best use the improved My Tasks.

The work we’re doing now is foundational improvements to pull My Tasks kicking and screaming into modern times :slight_smile: It’ll be much easier to build new features on top My Tasks once we’ve made these changes. Improved sections, with “Sort within sections” just like projects have, will make organizing your My Tasks easier even without auto-promotion.

I’m excited to share all of the changes and improvements that are coming to My Tasks but we aren’t quite ready to show it all off! We’ll be announcing these changes in the next few months as we get closer to release.


Completely agree!
I keep my fingers crossed that MyTasks, which I have always presented as magical thanks to the auto-promotion, remains magical in the future … I am not a developer but I will follow this subject carefully to stop selling a dream to my clients, while waiting for the evolutions :confused:

Can you share some stats on how people are using MyTasks? Maybe we are the only ones using MyTasks that way :thinking:



Will memberships work identically for UTLs like they do now for regular projects?

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This is a much welcomed change! Thank you!!

We’ve considered adding Rules to My Tasks, but we don’t actively have plans to build this in the near term with this migration.

Will there be custom fields? Or fields at all? If so, wouldn’t a fix be to have a field set for Recently Assigned, Today, Upcoming, Later and have that status change on due date or manually?


I’m just an end-user, not a developer, but I read these notes with considerable excitement. Until I saw the bit about ending auto-promotion. Then excitement turned to dread.

I seriously hope this roll-out won’t begin before equivalent functionality is implemented. I can’t imagine I’m the only person for whom My Tasks (and therefore Asana itself) would become completely useless without it.


I completely agree Bastien… this breaks the way I’ve taught hundreds of users to make the most of Asana. However… I’m excited to make use of the new features and adopting the new functionality to reach a similar outcome. Auto promotion saves my headspace daily so hopefully that can be integrated again soon.


Not a fan of removing auto-promotion either. Reminds me of the email notification adjustment that keeps making me forget tasks that have a due date before yesterday. For both, I’d like to learn why the user workflow is broken without a good alternative.


Why do you broke an vital workflow and do not care about it :see_no_evil: ?

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Thanks for the update @Benson_Perry and thank you to everyone who shared some feedback so far, we really appreciate it. As Benson mentioned, our team has some exciting plans for My Tasks, but we aren’t quite ready to share them yet. We have taken note of all feedback shared on this thread and we will use them as we continue to work on these updates. Until we are ready to share more info on upcoming My Tasks updates, I’m going to close out this thread to avoid this discussion diverting from its initial purpose.

To all developers, if you have technical questions related to this post, please create a new thread in the #developersAPI category so our team can address them. For all questions and feedback related to the future of My Tasks, please hold them until we publish more information. We know how much My Tasks is important to you but this will allow us to have more constructive and fruitful discussions. Rest assured you will be first to know in the Forum :slight_smile:


Following the latest update published on this topic → Upcoming changes coming to My Tasks in Asana and the API! [breaking changes] I’m closing out this thread to avoid any confusion!