Upcoming changes coming to My Tasks in Asana and the API! [breaking changes]

It makes sense that you would get a v2 version in that scenario, because when you get added to a new organization, Asana creates a new User Task List object for you in that workspace. Since new UTLs are now the v2 version, it makes sense that’s what you got.


Hi @Yacob and @Ross_Grambo,

A question I don’t think we covered previously: when a user’s My Tasks gets converted to the new My Tasks v2 format, does the migration create a new project with a new project gid, or does it retain their existing My Tasks project gid?

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Hey @Phil_Seeman,

I confirmed with the team. The gid shouldn’t change.


I’m back with another exciting update! Our migration to bring the new My Tasks to existing users is fully underway and we expect it to run over the next couple months until completion.


Months?! :scream: