Unscheduling a task in the timeline

Hey Asana community!

Is there a way to unschedule a task in the timeline view? I don’t necessarily want to delete the task (it will come in handy later) but don’t want it clogging up my timeline view either. Keen to see if we can move it to ‘unscheduled’ (see my screenshot)

+1 vote for this functionality if it doesn’t currently exist!


Hi @Lily_Feng! :wave::grinning:

This is a great question, any task in your project that has a due date or date range added will automatically show up on your Timeline. If you’d like to move it to “unscheduled tasks”, simply remove the due dates. Please find more information in this article.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions. :sparkles:


Thanks @Emily_Roman totally makes sense :smile: