Unscheduled Tasks in Calendar View


We’re a small events company who also run a lifestyle website, social media accounts and newsletter communications.

Amongst other things we use Asana to plan in what content goes into our comms when, including sponsored content. I input communication requirements as sponsorship deals are contracted, our content manager then plans in when is the best time for the content to go out.

Our content manager almost exclusively uses asana in calendar view so we’re struggling with the fact that unscheduled tasks aren’t visible in this view. It would be incredibly useful to have the unscheduled tasks panel that features at the bottom of timeline view on calendar view so we can see the content that needs scheduling when viewing what is already scheduled and drop things in where there is space.

Not have this function means currently we’re having to pick up the fact these pieces need scheduling outside of asana which is undermining the usefulness of the software and impacting on adoption.


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