🤶 Unlock the Fun Factor: Spice Up Your Updates with Attention-Grabbing Ideas!

Have you ever faced the challenge of team members missing important updates or failing to attend to critical tasks in a timely manner?

Trust me, we’ve all been there! It is quite a challenge to try and come up with new ideas to keep up the motivation of team members and spice up work days by adding something unexpected and fun.

Anyone in marketing can surely relate, as it’s similar to searching for the perfect email subject for a newsletter sent to customers or creating an ad that entices clicks and sparks curiosity.

:mega: So here we go, let me share some of the ideas/ messages that have worked with teams I worked with.

Now let me start with a topic that fits today’s date:

Krampus vs. Nikolaus :joy::santa:

Let’s infuse some holiday spirit into notifications and updates!

How about playfully notifying team members about a surprise visit from either Krampus (the mischievous character) or Nikolaus (the generous gift-giver)?

FYI for whoever doesn’t know Krampus & St Nicholas: In Austria, we have the tradition of Krampus and St Nicholas. In European tradition, the Krampus is an anthropomorphic, horned figure who haunts misbehaving children during the Advent season in the Central and Eastern Alpine regions. Usually the 5th is called “Krampusnacht” while 6th is when St. Nicholas is visiting.


The message I sent grabbed a lot of attention and I got plenty of responses as people were wondering what I was talking about (to explain I sent this to an international team where most did not know this tradition)

The result was that I got all team members to respond very fast to my message and to attend to a super important task very fast since they obviously did not want to get a visit from Krampus :joy:

One example response:


Congratulations, You’ve Won…! :tada::money_with_wings::bulb:


This was another message I sent as I needed the team members to complete a few urgent tasks and everybody was about to leave for the weekend very soon.

Well, it worked :joy: Just imagine their curiosity soaring as they open the message, eagerly expecting some exciting news.

:chocolate_bar: When you are stressed you eat ice cream, cake, chocolate and sweets. Why?


Now, this one was a bit different. I sent it on a day when everyone was super stressed due to an upcoming important product launch. I could feel the tension in the air, and I knew I needed something to brighten everybody’s mood

Running into the weekend like this :joy:

This is another message sent on a Friday when we needed everybody’s help for the completion of an important project.

dog-running-gif (1)

So I sent this message with a fun gif in the morning to grab everybody’s attention and then use the opportunity to also share key information for the day.

:mega: It is very important to find the right balance between professionalism and humour, to engage team members and make them smile while conveying the importance of an update.

So go ahead, get creative, and let’s have some fun while making sure those important updates never slip through the cracks! I’d also love to hear your funny and effective strategies for grabbing your team’s attention.

P.s. The same can be done for funny, engaging comments that are set up via rules for overdue tasks for example. (Just ensure to change them regularly so it does not get boring)


As usual, fun and brilliant ideas from @Andrea_Mayer!




I am so glad I am reading this on the 6th!! Phew :joy:


Brilliant post @Andrea_Mayer !

I will never see the word ‘stressed’ in the same way, ever again :sweat_smile:


This is my favorite post so far on the Advent Calendar because it’s what I struggle with most. What fun ideas! I haven’t used the messaging feature in Asana because we use Slack for real time communications and that’s what people tend to pay attention to most. We have a couple of people on our team who are the repeat offenders that don’t mark their tasks complete or follow up. So I try to nudge them with rules that send comments on their overdue tasks. I also have that integrated with Slack so Asana also Slacks them a message that asks them to comment back with their status or update their task due date with when they can have it completed. I have started adding cricket emoji’s into comments when I don’t get a response. :rofl: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:


Thanks for your feedback @Amy_Prentice, appreciate it.

I feel you! Sometimes it is really a struggle with a few people specifically.

:joy: Great one, I will try that also!

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Working with you looks so fun :heart:


I love this idea! But can’t figure out how to add gifs!


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thank you for your feedback @Sarah_Stewart_Hollan!

Gifs and videos you can attach to a message via the image/paperclip icon.

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